Photos by Ell Photography for the 2014 Reunion

These are formal portraits taken at the dinner on October 11th 2014. You can click on any photo to enlarge it.

* = HHS 59 Class Member

Russel (Rusty)* and Ann Hiller

Bruce* and Leone West

Ray Rondeau* and Beth (James)* Nicholson

John* and Marie Stewart

Ron Swigger*

Jay* and Janna Parker

Lee* and Jotina Trussell

Cathy Thomas*

Joyce (Cohen)* Bloch and Natalie (Wolff)* Elefant

John Solenburger* and Lynn (Hayes)* Spray

Gary and Mary (Maxon)* Moses

Margaret (Peggy)* Radin

Jean (Grigsby)* and Ross Van Dusen

Tom* and Cindy (Harvey) Brown

Rod* and Eileen Blankley

Rosy (Jeter) Scott*, Tom Brown*, Natalie (Wolff) Elefant*

Norm* and Betsy LaZar

Ed* and Donna Wood

Honey (Falls) Sailley*

Jarrett* and Ruth Galbreth

Sharleen (Dickson) Daugherty*

Ed* and Jeannie Lynch

Wayne Garner* and John Arrington*

Gene (Eugene)* and Elise Hunt

Robert* and Ginger Fulton

Bobby* and Jeanie (Westfall)* John

Sali Katz

Howard* and Judy Mock

Vera (Cordova) Little*

Ernie* and Joan Simpson

Jim* and Peggy (Vasquez)* Moore

Marty* and Kim Clifton

Mark* and Linda Murdock

Frank and Bonnie (Zanotti)* Wozniak

Tom Moore* and Julie (Sadilek)* McCrakin

Peigi (Benham) Szvetecz*

Bob Roland*

Larry and Carolyn (Montgomery)* Posey

John Wells*

Wayne and Ann (Blue)* Wolf

Eloy and Nancy (Babb)* Nunez

Joe and Kay (Kaderli)* Hood

Diane (Lowrey) Green*

John and Judy (Lackey)* Bowdish

Roland DeRose*

Albert Kaplan, History Teacher

Dixie (Gomel)* Massengale and Lynn (Hayes)* Spray

Rita (Burmeister)* Griffith